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Behavior Analysis

We serve children with behavioral challenges. It ranges from developing or enhancing language skills to functional skills

(e.g., daily living, self-regulation). The goal is therapy will lead to greater independence diminishing problem behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, elopement, and property destruction.

To schedule a consultation, please email, or call (786) 332-6632.



At Synergy Health Group, we understand that mental health is a delicate issue for us all. That's why our mental health clinicians and specialists are backed by intensive training and experience. 

If you are dealing with issues that feel beyond your control, know that there’s a welcoming place for you to turn to for counseling.


Our services include:


  • Individual and Family Therapy 

  • Group Therapy

    • Anger Management ​

    • Domestic Violence

    • Substance Abuse

    • Teens

  • Substance Abuse Evaluation & Treatment

  • Behavior Therapy 

  • Co-occurring Disorders​​​

Accepting most insurance plans, and offer

a wellness subscription plan with up to 

three therapy sessions a month starting at

$99/month. For more information, email ​

Mental Health Services

The Red House.
Home to our quaint mental health counseling offices.

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